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Icould be a movie still, a new trailer, a fun looking product, game or brand new internet meme that doesn’t quite warrant it’s own post – if it got our attention and we think you might like it – you’ll find it here on A.I.

Get it?

Got it?




Today’s featured image shows us that HBO and the BBC want to get into the JK Rowling business. Shooting has started on their adaptation of her non-Harry Potter book, THE CASUAL VACANCY.



RADiUS-TWC want you to see SNOWPIERCER so bad that they’re releasing it on VOD this Friday, even though it was released in theaters two weeks ago. 

 snowpiercer-1 snowpiercer-2 snowpiercer-3 snowpiercer-4




Annabelle from THE CONJURING is getting her own spin off. Yeesh. No thank you.




Remember way back when we told you that M·A·C was releasing a makeup line inspired by Marge Simpson? It’s set to be released in stores on September 4 BUT if you happen to be at SDCC on Saturday, July 26, you can get before anyone else does! The collection includes nail stickers, eye shadows, lipglasses, and lashes. NGL, the collection actually looks pretty decent. Not as yellow as I imagined.



You can thank the Turtles for bringing back Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Bites.  Just keep em away from McDonalds – we don’t need no stinkin’ McRibs ! 


And here’s Tom Hanks in yarmulke dancing to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.” because why should Tom Hanks get to have any privacy at all. Luckily, the man has some skills. 


That’s all for today. See ya tomorrow!


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