The last vestige of secrecy on Marvel Studios’ GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY seems to have come crumbling down in spectacular fashion, thanks to the scoop-meisters over at Latino Review once again. Leave it to El Mayimbe to blast a pretty sizable hole in Marvel’s hush-hush tactics by finding out the answer to the one unanswered question that remained for James Gunn’s entry into Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – who would be voicing Rocket Raccoon?

Recently we found out that Vin Diesel’s involvement was going to come by way of Groot in GUARDIANS, and, with all the other main characters set in stone for the film, it was only Rocket Raccoon that remained without a cast member. That’s no longer the case.

Bradley Cooper is the top choice for the role, and, from what I’ve heard, Gunn is aiming to have the character sound exactly how a raccoon would if the nocturnal animal could talk. An offer has gone out to Cooper to play Rocket, and, if these early talks progress further, the film, already in production, will finally have its core set of heroes locked up.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is really the most interesting movie Marvel has on tap in the approaching future, primarily because it’s so different than anything they’ve done so far. We’ve already done THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA, although the word I’m getting is that these new chapters of those solo branches have a much different feel than the characters’ first entries into the Universe. But with GUARDIANS, this is going to be a much different tone than all the other pictures and will allow future Marvel movies to experiment a bit with how some of these lesser-known characters are portrayed. This is quite the interesting cast Gunn has pieced together for GUARDIANS, and, like the rest of the Marvel movie fans, I am extremely intrigued by how this one winds up coming together.

Bradley Cooper close-up

  • James Simms

    Hmmm. I suppose with what the director has in mind for the voice that a lot of effects and processing will be done. Having said that I can’t say one way or the other if this is a bad choice. Rocket is IMO the least PG of the guardians so I’m not expecting the Rocket from the comics, but I somehow imagined his voice being gruffer than Cooper’s. Either way I am very excited for this movie.

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