Today’s BRUNCH WITH THE CINEFILES might seem like another standard episode featuring yet another guest with the usual food and drink. But this one… its kind of special. For one thing we discuss the Blaxploitation genre, a topic we haven’t gotten to for whatever reason. But there you go. For another, we are very pleased to bring on the talented Lola Rocknrolla as our guest. Not just because she’s fun as hell and a really good filmmaker in her own right. But Lola is now the latest addition to the CineFiles family.

That’s right, folks. We now have a female voice. And we couldn’t be more excited.

As I mention in this edition of BRUNCH, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Lola in episodes to come. So please give her a hearty welcome. And try that Bellini recipe of her’s. It’s damn good.

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  1. Cold Drake

    Good stuff. What do you all think of Trouble Man? And can we expect any horror related episodes in October for the Halloween season?

    • EJCohen

      Trouble Man was actually mentioned briefly but that somehow got on the cutting room floor. At one time, believe it or not, it was considered one of the worst movies ever made. Compared to what, I have no idea. But there you go.

      As for October… you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll have an epic season of Halloween related episodes. One in particular will be even epicer… more epic?… The most epicest thing we’ve ever done? Anyway, stay tuned.

      • Cold Drake

        Ha, that’s pretty interesting. I watched Trouble Man once years ago but I don’t recall it being much worse than a lot of other Blaxploitation films. There are some funny lines in it. I’d like to watch Shaft in Africa because my dad met the cast and crew when he was stationed in Ethiopia.
        Can’t wait for the Halloween eps, I watched the original Friday the 13th in a theater recently and have been craving horror ever since.

      • Cold Drake

        The trailer for Trouble Man makes it look pretty damn fun. Some great lines. Can’t wait for the Halloween episodes, I’ve been craving horror lately

  2. Markus Wahlberg

    Hey guys, wonder if any of you have seen Black dymanite? It’s sort of a parody/homage of old Blaxplotation films. Really funny movie with a kickass lead!


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