Recently, Edwin Samuelson and I invited David Savage of Cinema Retro Magazine over for brunch. I baked bread, made Mimosas and we discussed Gay and Lesbian cinema. It’s a pretty in depth conversation as we cover a lot of ground. In fact, there were subjects that we most likely didn’t even have the chance to bring up (for example: Kenneth Anger. We were kicking ourselves afterwards for not even addressing him). So we apologize if we don’t cover everything. But it’s probably about as extensive as we could get and what with the repeal of DOMA and the current, relaxing of attitudes towards the subject of homosexuality, a very timely topic at that.

David brings his unique perspective and expertise to this. And drinks a lot of beer. Plus that additional Mimosa. And has fun making Edwin cringe with all sorts of innuendo.

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  1. Damian Bellot

    Thanks for the plug. Before Edwin started to laugh I was dying. I knew that was coming.

  2. Andrew Round

    great episode. i feel well and truly informed. did you guys mention my beautiful laundrette? if you did i missed it. that was a big here in the uk, really made an impact on the zeitgeist.

  3. Jerald Jamal Neely

    Glad to see he did mention Paglia, and “The Birds”. Did you mention “Lianna”? That’s a good one. One I’ve seen a few times lately is “Pariah”. So different from a lot of the ones mentioned as it deals with it from an African-American perspective. Would love to see you guys cover it in the sequel to the show…After you do a “Billy Jack” Show.


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