Here’s another CineFiles X-periment we like to call BRUNCH WITH THE CINEFILES even though, technically, we shot this episode at supper time. It’s meant to be a more casual take on our usual shenanigans… but with a special guest… and food… and booze.

This time Nicholas Schlegel hangs out to discuss his upcoming book SEX, SADISM IN SPAIN and Spanish language horror in general. Specifically the late 1960s, early 1970s. It was a good time. Eddie did a great job with the shrimp and ribs. And I show you how to mix an Old Fashioned. It’s kind of like This Is Infamous’ take on Playboy After Dark, but without Sammy Davis Jr. dropping by.

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  1. Brain Stew

    Only you guys would call booze and BBQ on a roof at night, “brunch.” LOL. But seriously, good, deep, interesting stuff. Lots of movies I apparently need to see. A fetus aborting the mother… ?

    • EJCohen

      Mr. Stewart, you of all people know that us Brooklyn hipster types tend to wake up no earlier than 4pm, hence brunch at night! That…. and we have nothing better to do.

      But don’t let it get out that I’m categorizing Edwin as a “hipster.” He wouldn’t like that. Even though he wears a hipster hat. All. The. Time.

  2. CMQ

    Great episode, just have to say that the Who Can Kill a Child? remake
    really isn’t THAT bad. It’s not as good obviously but they at least
    tried to stay faithful to the original and the cast is pretty good
    (never hurts to cast Vinessa Shaw either).

  3. Lord Elric

    Great piece. I’ll keep an eye out for the book. Always interested in hearing examinations of the history of the “Golden Age” of Spanish Horror, before modern U.S. influences weakened it. You can start talking Spanish horror now, and not finish for days.

    I’ve never heard the Nashy/Schwarzenegger comparison before, but that was a fun point!Paul Naschy (Jacinto Molina) was the Spanish Lon Chaney. His Waldemar Daninsky werewolf films are his best known, but he’s also played The Mummy, Dracula, and Mr. Hyde and a a Werewolf in the same movie. Check out DR. KEKYLL AND THE WEREWOLF, especially if you can find the Nude(er) version, as well as VAMPIRE VERSUS THE WEREWOLF WOMAN(LA NOCHE DE WALPURGIS), uncut under WEREWOLF SHADOW, which really got the 70’s Spanish horror boom off and running, and it’s bigger budgeted 1981 remake THE NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF.

    Few things:

    I’ll defend Jesus Franco, especially his core 70’s work. Go to Netflix and check out his first horror THE AWFUL DR. ORLOFF, if you don’t mind the dubbing and bad print they have. Or see FEMALE VAMPIRE and let it’s languidity overtake you on a late night.
    Franco’s films are a lot like dreams. They don’t make “Common” sense, but they work on their own, personal level. As for the zooms…after the popularity of things like MAN OF STEEL and the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA remake, I think trashing the zoom lens is a somewhat moot point. Franco’s later output is even more personalized, i think. Ht and miss, too.

    Yes, Jorge Grau’s LIVING DEAD AT THE MANCHESTER MORGUE, also his LEGEND OF BLOOD CASTLE, if you find it uncut. Sense a running theme here? Great examples.

    You mention Amado De Ossorio. His BLIND DEAD films are great. Slow, but very atmospheric and gory at times. But, did I miss it or was his wonderfully weird NIGHT OF THE SORCERERS not mentioned? Vampire Leopard women in the jungles. A potent mix of eroticism and violence and one serious freak fest when I first saw it on T.V. some years back.


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