Last year when I was up in Montreal for the Fantasia International Film Festival (I’m planning on going back again later this summer for more cool genre fare), I got to take in a pretty solid short film out of Australia titled MATHILDA. When it comes to shorts, they’re can be very hit or miss, and, since they’re working in a much tighter time frame than feature films, their window to grab your attention needs to be immediate. You can tell within seconds if the short is going to play well for you, and it is in those moments you can tell a good filmmaker from one who isn’t quite there yet. Director Matthew Chuang looks to be on the up and up with MATHILDA, armed with a solid script he co-wrote with Tess Meyer. Chuang has a good eye for compelling visuals, but its the execution of this story through its masterful build that wound up making MATHILDA for me.

Up at Fantasia, they typically pair the shorts that have made the cut with one of their feature films, and when it came to MATHILDA, this one was lined up ahead of William Friedkin’s KILLER JOE, so you know if it sat in such prime placement, it has to be good… and it is. MATHILDA has finally made its way online, and, in the interest of sharing nice things with you, here is your chance to check it out. This one is worth your time, so kick back for a few minutes and take in some good quality cinema.

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