The CineFiles finally present their third and final part of COULDA’ BEEN CONTENDERS (Rising Stars Who Fizzled Out). In this segment we discuss and debate the careers of Billy Bob Thornton, Thomas Jane, Aaron Eckart, Kevin Spacey (Jeff’s choice. Not mine), Jennifer Connolly, Rene Zellweger, Mark Harmon and… Adrian Zmed. Sort of. Phew! Well, the coffee didn’t work out as well as I hoped. But Andre more than enjoyed his hard cider.

In case you missed the other two segments, the first part is here. And the second part is here.

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  1. TrekBeatTK

    Remember your Simpsons: “We’re the stars you thought were dead, like Bonnie Franklin and Adrian Zmed.”

    How about Bronson Pinchot?


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