Jeff, Andre and myself return with the second part of our discussion on the Daniel Craig James Bond era. This time we focus on QUANTUM OF SOLACE and SKYFALL. Then we speculate on what to expect from SPECTRE, Craig’s fourth outing as the world’s favorite superspy James Bond. Please keep in mind that the recent SPECTRE teaser had not been released when we taped this particular episode. However, keep an eye out for our next podcast as we examine that in depth. In our podcast. Not our video show. Just check it out when we upload the damn thing.

I offer some details on the behind-the-scenes history of these two films, specifically I get into the studio problems and writers strike that afflicted the production of QUANTUM. We also point out similarities within both the films and aspects of Ian Fleming’s novels… aspects that had not been adapted to the screen before. Yep. We’re Bond nerds all right. Except for Jeff. Who is only now just familiarizing himself with the entire film cannon. Again, to hear his thoughts on this, please check out our new podcast.

But here’s a question I’d like to put out to our fans. SeeingĀ  as Daniel Craig might have one more Bond film in him after SPECTRE, who do you see wearing the tux and strapping on the Walther PPK after him? Any suggestions? Any dream choices? Let us know in the comments section.

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