You know how it is.

You go to bed one night anticipating nuthin’ much from the day that follows. Instead, you wake up in a space ship, being chased by an intergalactic ice cream truck.

This is not a true story. Instead we offer you craptastic special effects and really bad animation. And we discuss 70s-80s SPACE OPERA, a genre that was made, like, really goddamn popular by STAR WARS. We then continue to talk about STARCRASH, BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, THE ICE PIRATES, THE BLACK HOLE and FLASH GORDON.

The Space Opera, man. Laser guns and star cruisers. We’re in a space ship. Honestly. Because if you’re watching this episode on the internet it must be true.

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  1. Thomas R Clark

    I remember a summer in the 80’s when HBO played BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, ICE PIRATES, THE BLACK HOLE constantly. EXCELLENT EPISODE GUYS! And Lola!

  2. TrekBeatTK

    Black Hole! There’s enough weird live action Disney movies of the ’80s for a whole other show (Watcher in the Woods, Return to Oz, Mall Madness, etc.)

    Jeff: They finally addressed the issue of diseases from space sex on Star Trek in the Voyager episode “The Disease”.

  3. David A. Murray

    I think Lola and Jeff are being a little hard on ‘The Black Hole’ (just a little). You get impressive production design and special effects. Not a whole lot more (beyond John Barry’s tuneful score). It strikes me as owing a fair amount to Disney’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea’. At least you could see where the budget went. The black hole leads Hell for Reinhard/Max and the Cygnus crew, while the Palamino survivors are lead to another solar system (or even possibly Earth). The novelisation by Alan Dean Foster had a different ending.

  4. Steve Funderburg

    Star Wars rocked everybody’s world in 77. Hate to be that guy but couldn’t resist.


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