You bad? I’m bad.

And here’s the first part of a three-part discussion on the films and career of Richard Pryor. The great Richard Pryor! Influential comedian and popular movie star. In this installment, we go over his early years by bringing up films like WILD IN THE STREETS, LADY SINGS THE BLUES, WATTSTAX, UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT leading right up to SILVER STREAK (more on that in part deux). Plus many more in between.

Richard Pryor’s trajectory and personal life is now the stuff of legends. Married multiple times. Struggling drug addict. Film producer and all around angry guy. One time Oscars host. Hell, he even starred in a SUPERMAN movie! So let’s raise a glass to the legend that was. But not Andre, Jeff or I. We were too tired and I was on my third coffee by this point. But there it is.

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