And it continues! Our discussion on the great Richard Pryor (did I mention that “great” is his legal first name?) begins with the Neil Simon scripted CALIFORNIA SUITE. Then we move on to RICHARD PRYOR LIVE, STIR CRAZY, BUSTIN’ LOOSE and the really odd THE TOY. Where Richard Pryor meets another comedic genius by the name of Jackie Gleason. Oh the egos!! And this is where we start to delve into the personal a bit… the guy was engaged to Pam Grier fer chrissakes and somehow he messed that one up! We also mention JO JO DANCER: YOUR LIFE IS CALLING briefly even though that happens towards the end of his career.

And I’m still drinking coffee. But barely moving. I bet Richard Pryor would’ve thought that was funny. Ironic maybe. Oh, who cares?

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