Jim Jarmusch. The man. The legend. One of the fathers of the Independent Film movement. Enough said.

Mike, Jeff and I are huge fans of this guy. Sometimes pegged as a New York filmmaker, very few of his movies are actually set in this city. In fact, Jarmusch was originally from Ohio, spent some time in Chicago, in France as well as New York. But the years he spent in NYC were seminal: during the late 1970s/early 1980s he was a fixture of both the No Wave scene and the CBGB culture surrounding it.

So what better way to discuss this man’s work than by sitting around a vintage table, in a New York City apartment, over coffee (but not cigarettes. Because they’re, like, cool and all but totally bad for you. And they’d stink up my pad and my girlfriend would never forgive me for that)? None! Plus I’m lazy and didn’t feel like setting this shoot up anywhere else but at my home.

We pretty much discuss all of his films (with the exception of ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE which will not be released until March). And have a swell time doing so. But the question I have for y’all is, are you fans of the Jarmusch? If so, what your favorite Jim Jarmusch flicks?


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