Richard Pryor! Why have you forsaken us? As we find out in this next and final installment, it got pretty down hill for the man. He had a few hits with BREWSTER’S MILLIONS, MOVING, CRITICAL CONDITION and, of course, SUPERMAN III… but then the free basing accident occurred, then SEE NO EVIL, JO JO DANCER, ANOTHER YOU and HARLEM NIGHTS.

He did have that cameo in David Lynch’s LOST HIGHWAY. So that’s something at least.

And then there is the “could have been.” Like the Charlie Parker project that Richard Pryor eventually turned down and thusly became Clint Eastwood’s BIRD. But we also discuss his television appearances and final swansongs. And he exited the stage with a Mark Twain award in his arm.

And so ends our take on the life and times of Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor (that’s his real full name! I looked it up! Thanks internets!!). But, man, what I wouldn’t give to catch a double bill of BLUE COLLAR and WILD IN THE STREETS right now.

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