Another week, another series of CineFiles episodes. And here is the first of our latest three-parter  – the films of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. This time Jeff, Andre and myself wax sentimental over THE BLUES BROTHERS and not so much over BLUES BROTHERS 2000.

But before we begin, we offer up a little bit of history about how a young Canadian named Lorne Michaels came to NYC and wound up producing the longest running sketch comedy show in American history. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE became an institution launching some of the more popular comedic talents in show biz. Sometimes it’s a legacy to be proud of. And sometimes that legacy damned us with some of the worst films ever made (Anything with – cough – Adam – cough, cough – Sandler. Cough). But this three-part examination focuses on the films that featured the characters born from the sound stages of SNL.

As you will see with each segment, the films didn’t get any better as it went along. But you can’t win everything.

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