As we wind down within the third, not so exciting part of our THE FILMS OF SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE series, we discuss the borderline disappointing to the outright terrible STUART SMALLEY SAVES HIS FAMILY, SUPERSTAR!, THE LADIES MAN, A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY and MCGRUBER.

Heavy sigh.

Seriously. Like, sigh, bro.

As you will see, neither Andre or I are fans of these remaining films. But for some reason Jeff has a soft spot for NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY. And in the process, we lament the current state of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, how the show isn’t what it used to be and why the spinoff flicks never got any better.

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  1. TrekBeatTK

    I think Macgruber was trying to get closer to being a movie and not just a 2-minute sketch cash-in. But it went more for “let’s be R-rated and outrageous!” than really honing the comedy. I do think it’s the best of everything post-Wayne’s World, but it’s certainly got problems.

    Something like “Ladies Man” is just odd stretching out beyond the call-in show. It’s a persona with a funny voice. If that’s all there is, there’s no movie (and the sketch had been off for awhile before they made that film). It would be like making an Adam Sander movie entirely around “The Denise Show”. It’s a great sketch, but worth a movie? (I’d still probably see that before Night at the Roxbury again though).

    I think part of it does come down to the writing as well. Mike Myers for a long time was attached to do a Sprockets movie but ultimately felt like he just couldn’t get a script that worked (and this is the same man who made Love Guru, so think about that for a minute). There are few sketches, concepts or characters that could work in a film. I almost wonder if Aykroyd and Steve Martin could have made a “wild and crazy guys” movie in the ’80s and if that would have worked or ended up like Roxbury.

  2. Andrew Round

    agree 100% with andre, short skits rarely translate to a feature length films. the aqua teen movie is a prime example.


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