UPDATE! Well the live stream cast did not go without a hitch. We started almost half an hour late and lost members throughout the convo. But it was still fun if not a bit frustrating when it came to trying to keep everything on an even keel, etc. So we offer our humble apologies if we didn’t get to all of your questions or you dropped out due to – I dunno – the stream freezing at the 4 minute mark perhaps? I know I would’ve quit watching after that.

Anywho… Turns out last night’s event was recorded after all and you can watch the whole thing in the embed below. In all of its train wreck inspired beauty. We managed to discuss upcoming summer films, the lack of profit for foreign movies, for some reason we take a detour and discuss the Jon Favreau directed and starring CHEF, and some of the more current news involving the POINT BREAK remake, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie announcement plus more.

All in all we might try this again. But we’ll be better prepared next time. We promise. Like, we totally tripley promise.


The CineFiles decided to indulge in a little experiment. To have as many of us participate in an online discussion. It would be live. And you, the audience, can participate as well.

It’s not gonna’ be slick. It will be sloppy. Hopefully one of our computers won’t crash on us mid convo. But the best part is: we can do this from the comfort of our own homes. Which also makes us lazy.

Well, that may not be the best part, exactly. Doing this live also affords us the opportunity to discuss current events related to the world of film. And that’s a very good thing. Because by the time we can get together and actually tape an episode of The CineFiles, it’s too late to address the topics you might be interested in hearing our thoughts on.

Now there are a few ways to view this. Either on this very page you’re visiting right now, directly on YouTube or view it at Google+ right here. If you choose to¬† view it at our Google+ page you will also be able to message us throughout the show. Now, I can’t promise we’ll respond to all of your comments. But we will most certainly do our best.

As for tonight’s topic? Be prepared for anything. But we’ll most likely touch upon the Summer Movies of 2014. What we’re looking forward to. What we might have already seen. May even bring up topics that are currently popular in our Facebook group like the diminishing sales of foreign films, the news of Gerard Butler’s departure from the POINT BREAK remake, etc.

Oh… and we go live at 9:00 pm pronto. That’s Eastern Standard Time, folks. Hope it’s not too late for our friends on the other side of the pond.

UPDATE: We apologize for any technical difficulties you may have experienced throughout the evening in trying to stream the show live. Clearly Google+ and YouTube didn’t want to play nice for us. However, you can still watch the show in its entirety below. Thanks for your patience and enjoy.

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  1. TrekBeatTK

    Ack! And I won’t be home! :{(]

    Good luck with it, guys.


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