So. What better show to premiere after The Oscars than an episode on Prince – wait, what?

Yes! Prince! The Purple One! The guy with the, uh, frustratingly unpronounceable symbol thingy. You know: “Let’s Go Crazy!” “Darling Nikki!” “Raspberry freakin’ Beret!!”

Both Mike and I had to sit out of this one so Jeff, Lola and frequent guest Andre Joseph take on the film discussion duties. They touch upon PURPLE RAIN, UNDER THE CHERRY MOON, GRAFFITI BRIDGE and SIGN ‘O THE TIMES. No frilly shirts here, folks. Just honest criticism.

By the way, I just wanted to point out that while I have said in passing that I run like a girl, no one runs with a feminine swagger like Prince does. I call it purple swagger, people! In fact, recently I tried to impress my better half by wearing a frilly shirt and a thick, black wig while doing floor spins. Funny thing is, after I said to her “would you make love to a man like this?” her response was “Yeah…. When doves cry.”

Go figure.

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