Salutations! And greetings! And, like, it’s been a long time since we uploaded a CineFiles video episode. Keeping up with the keeping up of our podcast has kinda’ taken our eyes off the ball in that regard. So here we are with a brand, spanking new CineFiles show. And this time it’s a two-parter, folks! We call it ROCK N’ ROLL CINEMA and this first installment focuses on our favorite documentaries. Flicks like the Bob Dylan starring DON’T LOOK BACK, the Rolling Stones Altamont tragedy GIMMIE SHELTER, the hilarious Brian Jonestown Massacre/Dandy Warhols love affair DIG!, the G. G. Allin shock doc HATED and A BAND CALLED DEATH and DAVE CHAPELLE’S BLOCK PARTY and IT MIGHT GET LOUD plus so much more!

Press the play button and kick out the jams! And stay tuned for ROCK N’ ROLL CINEMA – ROCK FEATURES. Can’t tell you when that will upload but, hey, it’s all about the anticipation, innit? Rock on brother men and sister girls!

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Contributor/Video Editor/The CineFiles

Eric Cohen has been actively involved in the NYC Theater, Video Production and Film making scene since before there was plastic. He's a co-host and producer of THE CINEFILES. He enjoys red meat and Old Fashioneds. And he likes to throw sh-- at screens.

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