Ah…. love unrequited. Or eventually requited. And then regret that, er, requitedness you wished for or whatever. This might best sum up the theme of the Richard Linklater/Julie Delpy/Ethan Hawke trifecta known as the “BEFORE” Trilogy. Rather, three films detailing love missed, love earned, then love possibly regretted (or not. Or maybe is. Maybe its a bit of both). As you will see, we are big fans of this series and we welcome frequent UNFINISHED BUSINESS guest Andre Joseph to the discussion.

BEFORE SUNRISE, BEFORE SUNSET and the most recently released BEFORE MIDNIGHT. Three very enduring romantic films that inspires one to pine for the innocence of young love and the loss of frequent flyer miles. Since BEFORE MIDNIGHT was one of the more critically acclaimed films of 2013 and probably the least seen, we felt it deserved a shout out. And in that process, we decided the opportunity was ripe to discuss the other films as well. So here’s our two cents. Please take a look and give us your thoughts.

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