Well it’s been a while since we’ve uploaded our last video episode. But we return with a passionate hate and yet strange attraction for the titles we discuss in this show. S’kinda’ a love-hate thing (or is it hate-love?)… The movies we know are bad but for some reason we just can’t get out of our heads. And we’re not talking about “guilty pleasure” flicks, either. Nope, these are the films that any sane, reasonably minded cineaste would decry as being “terrible.” Yet we can’t help but watch anyway.

So Andre, Jeff and myself came up with some titles. And the catch is none of us knew what the other had selected. So it is possible that some of us do not think a particular choice is all that bad. Heck, in some cases the majority of us had not even heard of some of these films before the taping of this episode. So it makes for an interesting experience. Nothing, however, like THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE which is mentioned in this show. Speaking of which, the movies up for discussion are:

THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE (dir. Steven Soderbergh)
GARDEN STATE (dir. Zach Braff)
SCREAMS OF A WINTER NIGHT (dir. James L. Wilson)
THE LAST ACTION HERO (dir. John McTiernan)
SODA CRACKER aka THE KILL REFLEX (dir. Fred Williamson)
STREET PEOPLE (dirs. Maurizio Lucidi and Guglielmo Garroni)
JOE DIRT (dir. Dennie Gordon)

And, uh, some flick starring Steve Railsback that none of us could remember the title to.

Sit back and enjoy. Feel free to agree or disagree. And please let us know what movies you like to love-hate.

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