I just got off the phone with directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg having talked about their Oscar-nominated film KON-TIKI coming to Blu-ray on August 27 (you can read the full interview next week), and being that they’re lined up to helm the fifth chapter in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise, I figured I’d mine for any small tidbit they’d be willing to throw out there for the 2015 tent pole.

They seemed genuinely enthused about the script they’ll be working with, and while I’m sure Disney security was waiting in the wings to make sure no big details of PIRATES 5 were revealed this early in the game, the filmmaking duo did drop something worthwhile on me, regarding what we can call the film.



For fans of the theme park attraction, that title will ring a pretty familiar bell, although it’s far too soon to know what exactly that means for whatever story Jeff Nathanson has cooked up this time. When I asked if this would be a stand-alone adventure or tie into the overall mythology of the series, I was told both, so who knows what’s on deck… But at least we can go forward referring to this as something a bit more exotic than PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5.

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  1. Miles Quatermass

    Can’t believe they just dropped this into the conversation. Disney’s probably going to be pissed!

      • lock67ca

        Between this and that kickstarter nonsense, he must be pulling out his beard hair in clumps right now.

      • lock67ca

        And somebody, I wonder who, pulled the kickstarter talback over there.

      • CaneTheSutter

        I was just passing by to check what was going on and saw the talkback dissapeared…I think that’s a mistake because now that will anger the talkbackers that were pooling there and they will spread to all talkbacks with a vengeance…

      • lock67ca

        It’s already started. Check the new Star Wars talkback

      • CaneTheSutter

        So as feared then!

        It’s also happening in the basement party post.

        That might turn ugly, I hope they tone down the personal insults but keep the pressure on calling him off to try to fix his shit…in a way I dont want to see going down a site I’ve been a regular of for at least a decade.

        Also, to Billy and the others, sorry for talking about things that happen in a different site, we’re just cast aways that arrived to your shores 🙂

      • lock67ca

        True, the insults and crude jokes don’t help anything when there are legitimate questions and concerns about what’s going on over there. Also sorry for hijacking the discussion here. My apologies.

        Great site Billy.

      • Man of Stool

        Billy supposedly agreed that we move here. Supposedly Pizza the Hut asked him, but maybe he was lying.

      • lock67ca

        No I don’t think he was lying. Billy’s always seemed like a brutally honest guy to me. Never did understand much of the hate that got hurled at him over there. Disqus went into maintenance mode, and I thought Harry, or someone, had disabled it on AICN. Rush to judgment on my part.

      • Man of Stool

        Yeah, he doesn’t seem like the lying type, he’s become one of my favorite talkbackers, but still I didn’t wanna jump in here and start swearing and stuff without being sure that Billy is ok with that. I was one of those people who always appreciated Billy’s brutal honesty. I was rooting for him to raise his reasonable Kickstarter goal, succeed with his own site and show Knowles that he made a big mistake, one of many, too many to count. Don’t blame yourself for thinking it was Knowles who shut down the Talkback. Who DIDN’T think it was him? He’s done way worse things, and never apologized for any of them. He treats his AICN readers with contempt. It’s entirely his fault that nobody trusts him anymore.

      • The Infamous Billy The Kidd

        By all means, come here and hang out, express yourself and enjoy. We try to keep the discourse a bit more civil here, and any sort of hate speech and epithets are not tolerated… but beyond that, you’re always free to express your opinion, no matter what it is. That’s the beauty of this place. We want people to be honest, but also elevate the discussion a bit.

      • lock67ca

        And they’ve just disabled disqus on the site. Somebody got real pissed off.

  2. the_banned_one_returns

    Harry got scooped again … shocking.

    Good title by the way. Can we get the fun of the first back?

  3. CaneTheSutter

    Congratulations and a good one!

    Way to start making waves and having the site showing around 🙂

    Is kon tiki any good?

  4. James Simms

    Congrats Billy! I like the title and as shameless fan of the series (even part 4 had things I liked) I’m stoked for another.

    • Rare English Rose

      I like the mermaid and the priest but then I am a sucker for romance!

      • CaneTheSutter

        I mostly erased it from my mind, but I have to add that as
        an spaniard I found the whole “spanish inquisition” bit very ridiculous and badly written.

        That and both Oscar Jaenada and Penelope Cruz were horrendous to watch (how the fuck was Cruz’s character impersonating Jack? such bullshit!)

      • James Simms

        As a history major with some focus put on the 16th to 19th centuries Mediterranean and Atlantic Trade, I just remind myself this is historical fantasy (if it cuts even close enough to be called such). I do sympathize with your disdain for that plot point though.

      • CaneTheSutter

        That sounds very impressive, I’m a history graduate too (what’s the equivalent for major? I think mine it’s a bachelor degree) and I salute thee! 🙂

        No specialization at all. Anyway I know it’s a fantasy, but it was just very poorly represented and badly explained. For instance a similar case that I found more interesting was the representation of Spain in “the fountain”, it was also very exaggerated and far from realistic or believable buuuuuut as it was supposed not to be a real depiction of things but part of the fiction that rachel weisz’s character was writing about, it was entertaining and funny, because it was full of all the topics you would expect an average writer might fall while writing some kind of fantasy related to The renaissance spanish empire.

        Ugh, long block of text to say nothing 🙂

      • James Simms

        yes my degree is exactly the same as yours. I suppose its a matter of how much I am willing to forgive in a movie. Pirates is more egregious than others with historical accuracy, but it bothers me less because it isn’t a political film or trying convey to a political message using a misrepresentation of the historical setting. Having said that I felt that the movie could have done more with the Spanish on the chase as opposed to getting bogged down in a romance between two side characters.

        The film could have explored faith in geo-politics on a superficial level while providing great chase material ship battles for Jack to drunkenly stumble through and Barbossa to show who’s boss.

        Their turning up at the end abruptly left the climax without much in terms of stakes in my opinion.

  5. ☆JAGANAR☆


    which was disneys ATTEMPT to kill the franchise like SHAMALAN killed the airbender saga

      • ☆JAGANAR☆

        the only stranger tides i know of is the book i read that i found at my library ^_^ billy

      • ☆JAGANAR☆

        amen , billy . i hope disney gives barbosa back his leg in #6

        especially with that guy falls for a mermaid plothole,.. like WTF .
        the only thing harder than that to deal with is seeing a girl get tushy loving for the first time in an “art” film 😉 .

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  7. Rare English Rose

    Yay! Great scoop Billy. Bit underwhelmed for this because parts 2, 3 and 4 didn’t really do much for me but if they can get back to something approaching the fun of the original then count me in! I can’t help but love Johnny Depp when he’s in Jack Sparrow mode.

      • No-More-Room-in-Hell

        That’s another plus. I thought the 4th was alright (I think it was weaker in the third act), but anything to bring back the more creepy elements can’t be a bad thing.

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  9. ☆JAGANAR☆

    ps BILLY

    i know i didnt realize that this was ur article but it was a great one bro .

    cant wait to read more 🙂


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