So earlier today a new video started making the rounds from a company that goes by the name HUVr, claiming that they’ve finally cracked the technology of making hoverboards a real things. Yes, that’s right… hoverboards… the geek fantasy of anyone who has ever seen BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, which would allow us to take skateboarding off-road and into the air.

Now everyone has wished for one of these bad boys since 1989, meaning the very thought of its creation should be enough to send us all into a frenzy, excited that the future has finally arrived. Lasers and flying cars can’t be too far behind now, too, then, right?

Unfortunately the skeptic in all of us as turned to figuring out how to debunk the claims of HUVr. The internet has turned to analyzing every frame of this video to figure out the most apparent clue that this is all bullshit. Now I’m not saying HUVr’s boards are the real deal. They most likely are not, but I was barely allowed even a second to enjoy the possibility that they might have been before someone started crapping all over it. Yeah, we’ve gotten to the point of even hating on the things we’ve always wanted, because it’s easier to prepare ourselves for some sort of disappointment than giving ourselves over to being genuinely excited about something.

Now that I’ve shamed those of you who can’t enjoy anything (hence, why we can’t have nice things), let me move onto what the hell is really going on with these hoverboards making the rounds today. Are they real? Doubtful, although it’d be pretty sweet if they were.So what does this video mean? Obviously it’s for something, or else it wouldn’t be here. Speculation has immediately claimed that this is some cryptic announcement for a coming BACK TO THE FUTURE PART IV, which I can unequivocally say is not true. In fact, there’s a better chance that HUVr’s boards are legit than there is of Marty and the Doc pairing up one more time. A BACK TO THE FUTURE musical has been in the works for some time, but this doesn’t seem to gel with what we’re seeing here. There are rumors that Funny Or Die may be responsible for this, but there seems to be quite a bit of humor lacking from the whole package to indicate that it may have come from them.

So what does this all mean? Hell if I know, but it certainly is humorous watching people rage against the uncertainty, threatening actual death to the perpetrators of this entire ordeal, because God forbid someone pulls the wool over their eyes just for a short time. It’s okay, people… It’s only a floating skateboard.

HUVr continues to double-down on what they have though, releasing these answers to the questions everyone has been asking since the video’s arrival on their Facebook Page.

Thanks for all your enthusiastic responses! We’ve received a lot of emails and comments, so we’d like to address the most popular questions:

1) Yes! This is real! We look forward to showing you just how real The HUVr is with a series of public live events coming soon to major US cities.

2) Yes! It is safe! Your safety is our highest concern. We wouldn’t release a product that wasn’t rigorously tested to the highest industry standards. When used properly, The HUVr is actually safer than riding a bike!

3) Pre-orders will be available within the month and we hope to ship in December of 2014. Yes, we will ship internationally!

4) We’re working with the manufacturer to bring the price point down to something everyone can afford. Based on your excitement, it’s looking like we can get there!

5) Yes, it’s as fun to ride as it looks!

We’ll see how long they can keep this up, but wouldn’t it truly be something if by the end of the month we could fork over some cash to own a real-life hoverboard from HUVr? I’m not saying that’ll be the case, but is there anything wrong with giving yourself over to the dream for a little while until the curtain gets pulled back on the Wizard here? I’m just saying… although how much would it cost to get something that has more tech in it than the satellites in space? Damn rich kids.

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  • Roberto Suarez

    I think the “vr” in HUVr stands for “virtual reality.” My guess is that this will be some kind of first-person video game in which you ride a hoverboard; maybe the HUVr itself is a controller that you stand on as your avatar hovers on screen. I believe Tony Hawk will be releasing a new video game later this year and this is a way to start building some hype.

    • Midgets Are Mythical

      I don’t think it really holds water as of now. But I’m definitely not closed minded enough to judge their product based off of their appearances. Yes, it is a professionally shot photograph, does that mean that the five of them aren’t graduates of MIT Physics program? Nope, not at all. If you don’t believe their claim on their website, a little research and simple trip to a search engine will prove otherwise.

  • Sean

    To anyone thinks that the HUVr board is a hoax: Read what it says at the top of this website link this website link here ->

    • EJCohen

      It’s already been exposed as a prank produced by FUNNY OR DIE. There’s already another video that poses as the “punchline:”

      • Sean

        @EJCohen:disqus Yes, The videos themselves are 100% percent pranks by Tony Hawk and the HUVr Boards in the videos are fake, but the product itself ‘The HUVr board’ is real, and that link I provided above proves it.

        • CaptDan

          I followed the link – couldn’t see anything that ‘proved’ it was a real product… is it just a tech-loaded skateboard board? Who would want that..?

          • Sean

            It looks like the huver board is indeed a hoax. But I have just discovered this website that says that Hover Boards are coming out in 2015 -> .

          • Sean

            @Dan_Porsa:disqus It looks like the huvr board is indeed a hoax. But I have just discovered this website that says that Hover Boards are coming out in 2015 -> .