Welcome to the 12th issue of Infamous: The Comic.  If this was a calender it would be time to buy a new one but since it’s a web comic strip you can read online for free there is actually no signifigance to the fact that this is the 12th one.  Hmmm.  That seems kinda anti-climactic now. I probably shouldn’t have called attention to it in hindsight. Sadly the DELETE key on my laptop isn’t working anymore so I can only go forward.  I would buy a NEW laptop but like I stated up there in the second sentence; it’s a FREE web comic strip. Laptops with working DELETE keys are NOT free.

I digress.  

Apparently people have been asking for an easy way to find the earlier issues of INFAMOUS.  I suggested building a time machine out of kitchen appliances and then using that time machine to visit the last 12 Wednesdays, but apparently that’s just not “reader friendly” enough.

Instead I offer you this magical link that will transport your browser to all the earlier issues. It will also work on issues that come after this one because like I said; it’s magical.  

If you ever want to read these comics and aren’t in the mood for magic – just go to the toolbar up there and click on COMICS. Under that are sub categories called, Features – News – Reviews  and finally Infamous The Comic. Click on THAT one and you’ll get all the issues as well.

You could read the stuff in the other sub categories too if you want to but be warned – most of that stuff is written by Shea Hennum and while he’s a very good writer he didn’t make any of my “best of lists” in 2013.  Just saying.

Okay, back to issue #12.  Brother Jobu has come from the future to get a warning to Calmixx…


inf 12-1


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