This week Calmixx finds himself on the fast track to wrestling greatness as Token Tom uses his contacts in the world of the squared circle to get him on the road to WRESTLEMANIA !

inf24 1Inf 24 2


Hey – You still there?


If this was a Marvel  movie then this could be considered the scene after the credits that teased the next movie.

You may not be aware that I actually do ANOTHER weekly comic here at THISISINFAMOUS !

It’s called THE FUNKO POP GAME OF THRONES INFAMOUS RECAP and you may not be able to tell by the subtle title that it’s a weekly recap of GAME OF THRONES reenacted with FUNKO POP vinyl toys.  The thing is – I don’t actually have any FUNKO POP GAME OF THRONES vinyl toys so while we wait for the nice people at FUNKO POP to send some – I have to use the ones I DO have.

You can check out the first 6 recaps in the INFAMOUS: The Comic  archive section and check out new ones every Monday evening on the front page of THISISINFAMOUS!


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