It is always a pleasure to talk with Michael Peña. Having spoken with him on a number of occasions over the years about everything from END OF WATCH to GANGSTER SQUAD, his sense of humor and candid honesty are things I look forward to as I set out to have a real conversation during my interview time. This time around, Marvel’s ANT-MAN was the subject at hand, and having been a part of heist-type films in the past, I was curious to get his take on what makes a good crew for those particular stories. In addition, I wanted to get her perspective on Edgar Wright’s departure from ANT-MAN and how the film ultimately changed while he was a part of it from that earlier version to what ultimately became the final cut. Oh, and we talked about Spider-Man as well, with Michael making the first reference to Spider-Man existing in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, so keep an ear out as to when that mention became a part of what was being done with ANT-MAN. Enjoy.

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