Ever since Kevin Smith dropped word that he was returning to the View Askewniverse to revisit Dante and Randal at this point in their lives, fans have been wondering just what a CLERKS 3 was going to look like. What type of story would it tell? What new random pop culture-infused conversations would the duo be engaged in now? What are Jay and Silent Bob up to? How does the Quick Stop operate now? See… I told you there were a bunch of instant questions that came up. And while the details have been few and far between, that hasn’t stopped interest from growing amongst fans who still hold the first CLERKS at the top of heap when it comes to Kevin Smith’s library of films.

I tried to find out what I could when I crossed paths with Brian O’Halloran (Dante to those of you in the know) and Marilyn Ghigliotti (Veronica from the first CLERKS) at this year’s Florida Supercon. What might be expect from the tail end of a CLERKS trilogy? Plus, I received some insight in why that first film continues to resonate so well… AND there might be a tidbit about MALLRATS 2 stuck in there as well. Enjoy.

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