Making a film where one of the key actions of the story is someone reading a book is a difficult task to embark on. And yet CAPTIVE now somehow exists, telling the real life tale of a hostage situation that took place in Atlanta back in 2005. Back then, Brian Nichols, on trial for rape, escaped the courthouse, murdered four people along the way and held Ashley Smith captive in her own apartment as the manhunt raged on to find him. During the kidnapping, Ashley gives Brian something to think about, reading The Purpose-Driven Life to him in order to pass the time and – SPOILER ALERT – eventually Brian surrenders himself to the authorities. It’s a fascinating story when you hear of it, but does it translate to a feature film?

When I had the chance to sit down with David Oyelowo, who plays Nichols in the film, we got right into some of the challenges a story like that would face in being transitioned to the screen. We also had a thoughtful conversation about moments of understanding that allow humanity to break through, even at the most difficult times. So enjoy as we serve you up a few things to think about.

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