It’s good to know that as tough as my conversation was with Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, it didn’t get anywhere near the unprofessional levels some have been making sure to hit as they’ve had the opportunity to talk to several members of the rebooted FANTASTIC FOUR. However, that doesn’t mean my talk with the latest versions of Johnny and Sue Storm and Ben Grimm went smoothly. But that’s what happens when there’s a giant elephant in the room that needs to be addressed, or else I wouldn’t be doing my job properly.

It has nothing to do with the ethnicity of characters or Kate Mara’s hair (or her toes, for that matter either). No, instead I found it prudent to discuss the negative perception from fans that has surrounding FANTASTIC FOUR since the word go. Whether it turns out to be founded or not, there has been a level of venom and vitriol and hatred for 20th Century Fox’s plans to reboot the franchise under the direction of Josh Trank that I don’t recall ever seeing before. And it all comes in the form of rash kneejerk reactions about every little detail that has sprung up along the way that fans could find something wrong with – Michael B. Jordan’s casting as the Human Torch, the leaked set pic of Doctor Doom, The Thing having no pants, the film’s review embargo. It’s been a “can’t win” ride for FANTASTIC FOUR, much like that acquaintance you decided you don’t like, and so you can’t stand every word that comes out of his face.

And so I decided it’d be best to just come right out of the gate and address the pessimism that has plagued this film for months and get the cast’s thoughts on navigating through some of that as they aimed to tell an interesting story, make a good film and rejuvenate a weakened set of characters. That wasn’t the only topic for us to wade into, but it’s the one that needed the most addressing. So away we go…

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