It’s impossible for you to bring up Jim Parsons’ name to someone with even the slightest pop culture knowledge and not have THE BIG BANG THEORY come up. In fact, there might be some who would shoot you a confused look when you said his name, only to light up with excitement once you fill them in that he’s Sheldon Cooper on CBS’ breakout show. That’s the role that has defined his career, amidst a number of smaller film roles and movie pilots that never went anywhere with their respective networks. It’s also the role that has scored him Emmy wins on four different occasions for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

However, Jim Parsons is now hoping to that that success to the big screen in a much different starring role, this time as the voice of Oh in DreamWorks Animation’s HOME. Playing a naive alien, Parsons must bring to life this character who really struggles to find himself on a journey as a most unlikely hero to save his species from potential extinction with his voice the only tool at his disposal. I recently had a chance to talk with Parsons about the experience of voice acting and how much different it is from what he’s called upon to do in his other performances. In addition, we talk a great deal about the alien nature of the film and audiences’ connection with outsiders finding genuine connections in their travels. Enjoy.

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