When Jon Schnepp was a guest at this year’s Florida Supercon a short time ago, I made it a point to swing by his booth to say hello and finally meet in the flesh. In the past, we had exchanged some emails and messages about a few things, but online everyone knows everybody. It’s not really until you get to interact with people in-person that things take on a life of their own. And what started out as a introduction became a period of hanging out throughout the weekend, with Jon and I bullshitting about everything from comic books and Comic-Con to film distribution and giant spiders. Oh… and there was that whole conversation about penis art.

Yep, if we had rolled camera on all the various discussions that resulted in the two of us chatting like crazy over the course of a few days, I’m sure you’d find plenty of entertainment to keep yourself busy in watching. But we didn’t, so instead you’ll have to settle for something just as good and much more informative – an in-depth talk about Schnepp’s latest film, a documentary that explores a Superman film that never was and has lived on as legend in geek circles. THE DEATH OF “SUPERMAN LIVES”; WHAT HAPPENED? talks with many of the people who were in the midst of getting that Superman film ready before Warner Bros. pulled the plug and shelved the Man of Steel until Bryan Singer came calling years later with SUPERMAN RETURNS. It’s a fascinating doc that will really have you contemplating just what could have been had the studio had the balls to see this one all this way through, and Schnepp and I discuss a lot of what went into THE DEATH OF “SUPERMAN LIVES” becoming real in order to uncover all the things we never quite new about Tim Burton’s project. Enjoy, and be sure to order yourself a copy of THE DEATH OF “SUPERMAN LIVES”; WHAT HAPPENED? right HERE if you want your questions answered. The film will be available starting July 9.

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