It’s been a long road for the man known as Kevin Owens to finally get the call from the WWE, but now that he’s here, as a big part of the NXT brand, being able to call himself NXT Champion, it’s safe to say he’s arrived in a major way. Making a name for himself in the indies as well as in Ring of Honor as Kevin Steen, Owens became a darling of hardcore fans who gravitated toward his gift for gab on the mic. With just a few words, he’d able to get severe heat from any audience, and he certainly was no slouch in the ring, going toe-to-toe with some incredible talent, unleashing his vicious style and hard-nosed approach on anyone who stood as his opponent. Respect for Owens’ approach to the game continued to grow, and it’s now that he’s being recognized by the masses as one of the finest heels in professional wrestling today.

Therefore, it was fantastic to be able to stand next to him for this conversation at this year’s WrestleMania Axxess, talking about the impact he’s made in such a short time since debuting in NXT. You’ll see very quickly how skilled Owens is on the mic in our chat, as he’s always just a moment away from flipping between Kevin Owens the man and Kevin Owens the performer. Damn, this guy is good.

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