What an impact Finn Balor has made since arriving in the WWE’s NXT brand. Arriving to much fanfare, the former Prince Devitt didn’t change much in making the transition, and the NXT Universe has been thrilled about getting to see the genuine article. Talent comes around every so often that you can tell just has “It.” Finn Balor is one such performer. From his grasp of the pageantry with his unique entrances to his flair for the dramatic in drawing every member of the audience into his matches to his athleticism in the ring, Balor certainly has the tools to be a huge star once he’s called up to the main roster. In the meantime though, those of us who are fans of NXT will continue to enjoy our time with him on this intimate level, watching the start of something special as his following, his Balor Club, keeps growing.

When we talked at this year’s WrestleMania Axxess, Balor and I got into what it’s been like to have been accepted so passionately by the NXT fan base, his feelings on NXT’s huge show in San Jose and more.

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