For my money, Tyler Breeze is one of the more underrated talents in WWE’s NXT brand. A tremendous heel with a modern-day gimmick, Tyler Breeze has his finger on the pulse of the self-important and social media-crazed and has used that as the foundation for his Prince Pretty persona. Typically with his face glued to his own selfie, Breeze has risen through the ranks of NXT as one of their more consistent performers – always able to get a reaction from the fans, always able to turn out a solid match in-ring. However, among some of the new crop of NXT Superstars that have burst on the scene, Breeze has gotten lost in the shuffle a bit, no longer the new face in the company. That doesn’t mean though that the Gorgeous One is no longer relevant. He’s been locked in an intense feud with Hideo Itami with another of their encounters being given the honor of kicking off NXT’s biggest event to date in San Jose over WrestleMania weekend. Oh, and there’s also that matter of being the first NXT Superstar to take Itami’s GTS on that very show.

When I had the opportunity to speak with him for a few minutes at this year’s WrestleMania Axxess, we were able to get into the feelings of that important show in San Jose as well as where some of the elements of the very unique Tyler Breeze persona came from.

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