My name is Billy Donnelly, and I went all the way out to San Jose, CA, to attend WrestleMania 31 and grab some high-quality interviews at WrestleMania Axxess in the process… and you can’t teach that.

While there, I managed to talk to the energetic Enzo Amore and “Big Cass” Colin Cassady, who are among the hottest talents in the WWE’s emerging NXT brand… and you can’t teach that.

With an interactive presentation that brings back fond memories of the New Age Outlaws, Enzo and Big Cass are primed for a transition to the WWE’s main roster at some point as they continue honing their craft, but they’re not sitting around, waiting for that call. In the meantime, they are getting over tremendously as one of NXT’s most popular tag teams and a unit to be reckoned with in its tag team division.

When I caught up with them at Axxess, they were coming off an incredible live event, in front of the biggest crowd in NXT history at the Event Center at San Jose State University, so we immediately got into talking about their feelings about this huge milestone as they took it all in backstage as well as experiencing it firsthand in the ring.

And, as you’d expect, this conversation is anything but S… A… W… F… T. How you doin’?

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