THE GIFT is one of those films that most definitely snuck up on me. In advance, it looked like a nice thriller that might hold my interest for a few hours, but, as early buzz began to build, I began to wonder if there might be something more, something even greater waiting for me as the lights went down inside my theatre. Even then, overhype can be a dangerous thing.

However, what I found on the other side was a complex film that tested my moral compass and hit me with shades of grey after shades of grey the deeper I was able to dig into its characters and its story. I found a classic slow burn that… well, you know what? The less you know about this film going in, the better. Trust me. This is one you’re going to want to see unfold up on the screen in front of you for maximum impact. In fact, I feel bad for anyone who has things spoiled for them as it pertains to THE GIFT.

That’s why I’m going to issue a pretty sizable warning here. In the context of my conversation with Joel Edgerton about some of the complexities of the film, he let slip some of the nuances of what takes place in the film. If I were you, I would hold off on watching this interview in full until you have a chance to see THE GIFT, which should be as soon as humanly possible. (My full review is on the way, but, as you can tell, I highly recommend it.) Once you’ve taken it all in, then come on back, click play and enjoy our chat. It’ll be better that way. Once again… take my word for it.

With that said, enjoy (whenever the time is right).

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