It’s hard to imagine THE TRANSPORTER franchise moving ahead without Jason Statham, After all, the action star put that very series on the map in the first place and has become synonymous with the character of Frank Martin. However, after three films, Statham has moved on, leaving a void to be filled in THE TRANSPORTER brand is to live on. Enter Ed Skrein. The actor, best known as the original Daario Naharis on HBO’s GAME OF THRONES, has taken the torch in the hopes of carrying it into the future for a new delivery gone awry in THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED. With former French model Loan Chabanol alongside him in the female lead, a role that carries with it a lot more weight than the typical damsel in distress, Skrein is hoping to put his own stamp on THE TRANSPORTER legacy.

I recently had a chance to chat with both Skrein and Chabanol about the pressures of trying to continue the successes of what THE TRANSPORTER has done in the past, as well as Hollywood’s current acceptance of strong women at the heart of their action movies. And for what it’s worth, any conversation that features a METEOR MAN reference is a good one in my book, so enjoy.

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