In order to chase the dream, sacrifices needs to be made. We all need to make tough choices and prioritize things in our lives for us to take a real shot at scoring the thing we always wanted. It could be a job. It could be a car. It could be some type of achievement that has been a fabric of our very being for as long as we remember. We all have something like that in our minds, yet only some of us are willing to do what it takes to get it. That’s a big part of the new film WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS, a story about an EDM DJ trying to carve his own path in the world in order to make a name for himself and do something that could live on forever.

Emily Ratajkowski knows a little bit about that herself, as she has worked to navigate the world of modelling and now acting. Too many are quick to write her off as just another pretty face, but acting has been something Ratajkowski has wanted to do since she was a child. She has pursued it feverishly but carefully, in order to find the right roles that will showcase her talents, all while building a name for herself in the fashion industry and really breaking through via her music video performances, namely that for robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” After a small but pivotal role in GONE GIRL, Ratajkowski is ready to put herself out there on full display to Hollywood, in order to keep the dream alive that she set out on a long time ago.

As she rolled through Miami to talk about WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS, I had the chance to talk with her about those sacrifices that need to be made as well as changing perceptions about her as she works to establish herself as a legitimate actress. Enjoy.

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