I could be here for hours running through the impressive career of WWE Superstar Christian – the championships, the peeps, the lasting imprint on tag team wrestling, the five-second poses. Yeah, it could take awhile. But what I will say is that even with all of that, Christian has remained one of the most underrated talents in recent history to be a part of the world of professional wrestling. Overshadowed a bit by his friend Edge through no fault of their own, Christian has remained one of the steady hands of consistency in the industry, turning out stellar matches with just about everyone who has stepped through the ropes with him as if it’s no big deal and pulling out some instant classics of his own over the years. Unfortunately, Christian has been plagued with some injuries, including some battles with concussions, so when we had a chance to talk at this year’s WrestleMania Axxess, I wanted to get the update on his health status and find out if we’ve seen the last of Christian in a WWE ring. We also talk about his transition to commentator as well as what advice he tries to pass down to the younger talent coming up through the ranks.

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