When I talked to Tyson Kidd last year at WrestleMania Axxess, he was in no man’s land in the WWE. He was returning from injury. He didn’t really have a clear role on the roster. The only thing he really seemed to have going for him was some exposure on TOTAL DIVAS on E!, thanks to his relationship with Natalya. What a difference a year and some time in NXT makes. Since then, Kidd has totally been able to reinvent himself as part of one of the integral heels as NXT has been on the rise as a brand. In being called back up to the main roster, Kidd has connected quickly with his new partner Cesaro, and the pair have gone on to become the new WWE World Tag Team Champions. That’s the kind of contribution people expected from someone who was among the last trained in the Hart Family Dungeon.

As we chatted again this year, I wanted to get into how his teaming with Cesaro has managed to come together in such speedy fashion, and we absolutely got into his time in NXT and what it managed to do for him going forward as a WWE Superstar.

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