Unless you’re a fan of Australian soap operas, BLUE CRUSH direct-to-DVD sequels or the STEP UP franchise, Sharni Vinson might not register on your radar. Don’t worry… with YOU’RE NEXT, that’s about to change in a big way. Playing the film’s female lead Erin, Vinson moves beyond the reluctant heroine we’re used to seeing in horror… This is one bad-ass woman that should not be messed with, and leave it to a group of masked home intruders to learn that lesson the hard way for our entertainment when fate brings them together in a rather unique situation.

I sat down to talk with Sharni last week, following a rather well-received screening of YOU’RE NEXT, ready to talk about the film’s long journey to theatrical release since screening at the Toronto International Film Festival’s Midnight Madness back in 2011. And, as you’ll see in our first video interview here at This Is Infamous, she was more than candid about her frustrations in the process as well as her enjoyment of such a creative collaboration in making the film and much more. Enjoy.

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