ageUltron2013Marvel has announced today that James Spader has been cast as Ultron in Joss Whedon’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON.

In the comic books on which all this is based, Ultron is a robot created by Ant Man – Hank Pym, who rebels against his creator and develops a deep rooted hatred for the Avengers and eventually all mankind.

There has been much speculation on the internet lately that due to this incarnation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes being absent Hank Pym (who created Ultron in the comic books) Whedon’s Ultron would be a creation of Tony Stark; maybe even “Jarvis gone bad”.

This casting seems to suggest that Jarvis may not be the source of Ultron’s artificial intelligence at all.

Furthermore it remains to be seen if ULTRON will be a voice over role for Spader or maybe a voice over with performance capture CGI as well or maybe we’ll actually see an Ultron who is based on the mechanical Marvel idea of a “Life Model Decoy” – more or less a cybernetic robot that appears completely human.  I’m personally hoping they go with the totally “bad ass robot” version who orchestrates a complicated  attack on  the Avengers from the future!

Spader is an interesting choice to me  – his past experience is all over the map; from SEX LIES AND VIDEOTAPE to co-starring with William Shatner on BOSTON LEGAL and even a short run as eccentric CEO – Robert California on THE OFFICE, it’s been hard to pigeon hole him as one type of character.

spader and downeyThis also won’t be the first time he messed with Iron Man. In 1987’s LESS THAN ZERO Spader plays Rip, a drug dealer who makes life very difficult for Robert Downey Jr.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON is scheduled for the Summer of 2015.

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  1. AlienFanatic

    If it’s not done via performance capture, they’d better make him an extra-wide suit. God, it’s depressing to see how much Spader has let himself go. I still think he’s a great actor, but when I see guys give up on their appearance like that, it makes me want to run down to my elliptical and do an extra hour.

  2. Andrew Round

    not somebody who was/is really excited for this film but having james spader attached has got me at least interested.

  3. Mr X

    I can totally imagine Spader as the voice of Ultron. Another good call by Marvel.

  4. CaneTheSutter

    Great casting, but sadly I imagine it will just be voice acting and mo cap?

    Also in a general thing, I know some of us come here from another website where there is a polemic kickstarter going on, a few of us there have decided to get behind a different kickstarter as a contrast to the one that website is doing, one with a much lower petition and that it’s not that far from being sucessful, more in celebration of geek culture than just a front for someone’s ego, so if you’d like to support a fellow geek or at least take a look and maybe spread the word:

    Now, I’m not related to that KS in any way, I’m not even a backer (yet), but I’d like to see it succeeding.
    I hope that’s not considered spam!

      • CaneTheSutter

        Yes she did, 24 up now…that’s nice to see! specially since as she explained it is al destined to just get better gear for the next season filming and so on.

        Now, I need to remember to watch her videos…I’m not used to do that at all…specially since Youtube is capped at my work

  5. MachoViper

    Awesome casting. Most likely mocapped but his voice work will be amazing!


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