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Justin Bieber, you stupid, beautiful son of a bitch.

If it weren’t for you, we probably wouldn’t have heard a thing about BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN until Warners and DC decided to tell us, trying to keep the tight ship that Marvel and Disney traditionally have over their films. But you have Instagram followers to think of. You weren’t going to let them control a secret that big, were you?


Earlier tonight, Justin Bieber sent out the following picture from his Instagram account:


THAT’S NOT ALL! In the description of the photo, he decided to type out this:

“robin ??”


The script looks legitimate from what we can see. One top of that it does come from Bieber’s official Instagram account.

So what can we draw from this picture? Well, for starters, “BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN” is the official title of the movie, as opposed to just the working title. It’s also noted to be based on BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT FALLS, the fourth issue of Frank Miller’s legendary THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS saga. This is the story we had known the film would be at least loosely based on from the announcement made at San Diego Comic Con this year. The final issue of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS pits Superman and Batman against one another, playing into the film’s title.


It’s believed that the role he would fit into, and the one he apparently wants to tease us with, is that of Robin. In THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, the part of Robin is played by a 13 year old girl named Carrie Kelley. It’s probably safe to assume that, if he is playing a Robin, it will be one of the male variations. Other characters showing up in THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS include The Joker, Two-Face, and a one-armed, extra badass Green Arrow. It’s also worth mentioning that many members of the Justice League show up over the course of the book, though their roles are small, due to their characters already being heavily established in that comic book world.

The real question is why DC would bring in Justin Bieber of all people after the incredible backlash that followed the Affleck as Batman casting a few weeks ago. Why would they put themselves out there, allowing that much more criticism and making the movie the biggest joke on the internet for a week or two?

The answer? Money.

When we heard about BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, geeks of all shapes and sizes and types were onboard. We were going to see that movie if we had to swim there. But relying on geeks alone wasn’t enough for MAN OF STEEL to pull off a successful flick this past summer. The casting of Affleck, aside from the criticism, beings in a little bit more of a mainstream audience. The casting of Bieber? Well, that brings in a whole lot of other people; 44 million of them, by last count of Bieber’s Twitter followers. If Justin Bieber is indeed cast in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, it’s to get people like this in the theatre:

So what do you think? Is this real? Is it fake? Do you think Batfleck was a comparatively great idea? Or are you onboard with Robeiber?

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  • Evan Tsilimidos

    Wow… Batman and Bieber in the same film together… It’s like all my dreams have been heard… Scott, can you do me a favor? I’m gonna lay down in the middle of the road, and I would love if you could just drive as fast as you can right over my now completely spiritually-broken shell of a body! I mean… FUCK IT UP! No point in caring now!!

  • David Whitney

    If Bieber is cast or has anything to do with this movie I won’t watch, also I will blow up a church every week in the name of Atheism. A church or a wheely bin which ever i see first. But please let this be a big joke.

  • Calmixx

    Somebody should tell @caulind that his soul could probably net him some popcorn and a small coke as well. Are movie tickets hard to come by in Bieberland? Do people think you have to take out a mortgage to go to the movies? Hell if @caulind spent half as much time studying finance as he does following Justin Bieber he might . . . . wait. . . . we are living in a world where Justin Bieber could be Robin? Screw it. They can HAVE my soul. I give up. I don’t even want the tickets. Give em to @caulind. Sigh. What the F- ever.

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  • Javier Smith

    As long as they are doing the “Death in the Family” storyline, then I’m cool.

    • http://talkbackers.com/ Mr X

      comment thread winner!