If you like LEGO video games you will like this one.

Lets be honest. Every LEGO “license based” video game is exactly the same.  From LEGO STAR WARS to LEGO BATMAN to LEGO PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, you get a pretty straight forward story to play through, a whole bunch of characters to play as, a hub to collect coin studs in, some fun laughs and a good incentive to re-play and unlock features that are specifically not available the first time through.

The gameplay itself doesn’t change at all either.  Break stuff, build stuff, use the character with the right abilities for the right “job” and if you find yourself stuck with no way to go forward, just break more stuff until the solution appears; or “shakes” rather as a subtle hint that you need to get “clicking”.

Continuing the trend started in LEGO BATMAN 2, the Lego Marvel characters here can talk but to be honest I preferred the “mumbly -mostly silent” characters from the first few LEGO games. The forced attempts at goofy verbal humor usually fall flat, especially when the character (Spiderman for example) actually has a history of being very funny.

A few hours into this chapter in the Traveler’s Tales catalog and quite honestly, I find myself getting bored.  There is not a whole lot of challenge here at all.   Just break stuff until it becomes painfully obvious what you are supposed to do to proceed.  And collect coin studs. Lots and lots of coin studs.

lego marvel superheroes

That’s not to say that it doesn’t LOOK amazing because it does; the visual design is at times absolutely stunning and there are a few new things here as well that show it wasn’t just a paycheck exercise for the development team; the new “save Stan Lee” side collecting mission is pretty clever allowing the Marvel mascot to get himself a cameo in every level until he becomes a playable character himself.   As for the other playable characters you will have over a hundred to choose from by the time you finish, starting with Iron Man and Spidey and going deep into the Marvel roster even including some folks I’m sure NO ONE expected or asked for like Howard The Duck.

If I had to pick ONE reason to keep playing this game it would have to be The Hulk.  Finally it makes sense for your character to smash the hell out of everything. He’s the Hulk. Smashing is what he does. As a matter of fact, LEGO Hulk can’t “build” anything. If you try to have him do so he just looks at you as if he doesn’t quite understand what you want.  It’s a nice touch and there are a few others like it sprinkled throughout.

lego hulk

The truth is that it feels like I’ve already played this game so many times already that I doubt I’ll bother to finish it.  If you are a MARVEL fanatic, then finishing all the levels and finding all the cool unlock-able characters may be it’s own reward for you – but if you’re  here hoping that this LEGO game won’t just feel like more of the same with Marvel characters instead of DC ones, you may be disappointed.

HOWEVER – If you LOVE these LEGO games you will NOT be disappointed as this is just like all the other games before it. Plus it has the Hulk.  It also stands to reason that if you are between 6 and 11 years old you are actually DESIGNED to love this kind of game so you should be happy you’re too young to be grouchy, jaded and generally unappreciative when a nice company tries to give you a fun video game full of your favorite superheroes.

Here’s a cheat code to unlock the CLASSIC CAPTAIN AMERICA Character: 7HWU4L

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  1. Frank Castle

    My nephews enjoyed the Batman Lego games, they’ll enjoy this game too.


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