It’s be crazy busy here at the This Is Infamous HQ, trying to vet some information of a few scoops that have come our way, because we only believe in giving you accurate information. One of the stories we’ve been hot on the trail of concerns some major casting news for ANT-MAN, and, while we’ve been piecing together everything we now and how it makes sense, it looks like The Wrap has jumped into the fray with at least part of the story. According to Jeff Sneider’s report, Michael Peña, who did stellar work in END OF WATCH and who has CESAR CHAVEZ on the horizon later this year, has been offered a role in Marvel Studios’ ANT-MAN, a part he’s expected to take as negotiations have begun. Now what no one has seemed to lock up is who exactly Peña is slotted to play. That’s where we come in.

Per our sources, Michael Peña is lined up to be one of ANT-MAN’s two villains, playing a character who at present time is known as Castillo. Now, in searching through Marvel canon, you’re not going to discover much in the way of that surname outside of a female doctor. But in a rare instance, Edgar Wright’s film will be introducing a character that doesn’t quite exist but is a variation of the real-life Cuban President Fidel Castro, who has in the past appeared in the pages of Marvel’s books. This is what happens when your title hero doesn’t really have much in the way of his own villains.

While it took awhile to piece together the timeline, our understanding is that Castillo will be the film’s villain in the beginning, which takes place in the 1960s. It is here that we’ll get our introduction to Ant-Man – the Hank Pym version – which Marvel readers will get from the character’s work as a spy fighting against Communism. From there, ANT-MAN will move into the modern era, with a an aging Pym, recently filled by Michael Douglas, and the beginning of the Scott Lang story arc, which will eventually get Scott Lang in as Ant-Man. Lang will encounter this second villain along the way, who will serve as his primary villain, but what we’re hearing is that Peña will wind up playing a larger role as the film develops, much more than just the opening to establish Ant-Man.

Peña is a great fit for what this role encompasses, and, with Rudd, Douglas and now him involved, Wright’s take on the character certainly seems to be looking up and up.

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