Apparently Warner Bros. has been quietly buying up some Superman related domain names through the MarkMonitor agency.  This could be to head off a predicted influx of unscrupulos web folks from setting up parked domains as production of “THAT MOVIE WITH BEN AFFLECK AS BATMAN” gets underway, or it could be to protect future branding for toys or video games based on the movie or it could also be that these names are in the running for a possible title instead of the sorta vague “BATMAN Vs. SUPERMAN.”

Anyway, here are the domains they are rumored to have purchased:

“Man of Steel Battle the Knight”

Man of Steel Shadow of the Night”

“Man of Steel The Blackest Hour”

“Man of Steel Beyond Darkness”

“Man of Steel Black of Knight”

“Man of Steel Darkness Falls”

“Man of Steel Knight Falls”

“Man of Steel The Darkness Within”.

All of these are terrible for anything other than an action figure line or maybe one of those lame tablet games they make to advertise superhero movies.  Like TEMPLE RUN with capes.

I imagine this is being done by “marketing” and not “production” because if they release a movie called: MAN OF STEEL THE BLACKEST HOUR . . . I don’t even have an end to this sentence if they do that.

How do they not just go with “MAN OF STEEL: WORLD’S FINEST” ? I mean that’s what we want right?  To be fair, I never understood why SONY didn’t call their Sam Raimi Spiderman movies: THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDERMAN and finally WEB OF SPIDERMAN.

If this lame naming nonsense continues I may be forced to make my own superhero movie just so I can name it properly.

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  1. Frank Castle

    Shit, just call it the dark knight returns, that book did have superman in it. Even with a different batman, itd tie in with the dark knight rises (loosely) by having batman pull a balboa and come out of retirement. They could drop the man of steel moniker and call it world’s finest or the brave and the bold.

  2. Werepanda

    I feel like these are either joke names or they are seeding the ground with shittiness so that whatever title they manage to come up with that is marginally better will shine in comparison. Bleh.

  3. Thomas R Clark

    They didn’t call them Amazing, Spectacular and Web because they didn’t think anyone would understand they were the same series. Which is why they have all these domain names. They still don’t know what they are going to do.

    • Calmixx

      The first thing they should do is get you to play Lex Luthor. I would pay for that.


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