It’$ hard to image what the draw, for Ben $tiller, i$ in making yet more NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM movie$. Perhap$ he’$ compelled to provide educational entertainment for kid$; or perhaps$ he feel$ Mu$uem$ don’t get enough expo$ure, in the modern media land$cape, and he’$ ju$t trying to do hi$ bit to correct that. Well, what ever the rea$on, I think we $hould all be grateful to him for providing $uch con$i$tently high quality entertainment – and now he’$ brought hi$ unique brand of ‘magic’ to the U£!


I mean, these films were clearly crying out to get the resounding, big trilogy finish they deserve, right? And who doesn’t want to see Stiller grit his teeth and ‘perform’ the most spine-wrenchingly awful slapstick piece with himself, via the wonder of green screen? And I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS up for a good extended monkey-pissing joke.

It’s quite possible, this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen from any of the performers on screen here. I’m actually sitting in my modest apartment, typing this up and feeling quite sorry for multi-millionaire movie stars. It isn’t even that I think NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM is all that bad, or that there isn’t room for more films, but this just looks like the absolute worst. And I hate them for dragging London into it, yet again, to gimmick up an ailing and pointless movie series. London is an awesome place, and Hollywood cannot, for any money, get it right.

Anyway, if you’ve actually just sat through that, the MAD MAX trailer is here. I’m watching it now; come join me, won’t you.

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Captain Dan Porsa is a man of many interests, though few useful occupations. After some time in Her Majesty's Service, he is now living in New York. When he finds time away from his primary role as governor of two small dogs, he enjoys films, books, exercise and intermittently writing short fiction. As an Englishman, he finds his opinion is taken very seriously on all matters, except food and coffee; ironically, these are often the only things he is right about.