If, for some reason, you still haven’t gotten around to watching Episode 9 of Season 3 of GAME OF THRONES, you probably want to turn around and go right back the way you came before you read another word, because there is absolutely nothing here that I’m about to speak of that you want to know like this. Go watch the show, and then come back, because it’s meant to be experienced.

As for the rest of you… HOLY SHIT!!!

That’s really all I could muster last night as GAME OF THRONES closed out the show, spending a good 10 minutes or so prior with my mouth agape, absolutely shocked at what I was watching transpire. Damn… that is why I love this show. It’s not afraid to take chances. It’s not afraid to put anyone in harm’s way, and, yes, I realize it’s using George R.R. Martin’s books as the blueprint, so let me show some love to him as well. George, you magnificent son of a bitch, this is one hell of a story you’re telling.


I haven’t read one page of the books, preferring, like my experience with THE WALKING DEAD, to let the stories play out on-screen, which is how I first dove into them. I guess there’s a part of me that’d like to know what’s coming next, but I feel like giving myself that permission to read ahead and know would rob me of the experience of seeing it all unfold on a weekly basis when the new seasons roll around. I’m not saying you’re wrong if that’s the way you’ve chosen to play… but it’s just not for me.

My wife Nikki, on the other hand, became so enamored by GAME OF THRONES after barreling through the first season that she couldn’t help herself from racing right out and grabbing the books. immersing herself in everything Westeros has to offer on the page. Therefore, she knew what was coming last night… she knew all about the Red Wedding. We’ve even held conversations about the Red Wedding, with me knowing it exists yet having no clue at all what it meant. Over the weeks leading up to Episode 9, I’ve been trying to think of which nuptials the Red Wedding could have been referencing, going back to my days of LOST think, trying to figure out the pieces of the puzzle before they were revealed… but there is no solution I generated that came anywhere close to what we saw.

And after it was over, and I had those silent end credits to soak in the episode’s ending, “Holy shit” was all I could get out. Also, as a credit to the internet, which is usually filled with douchebags ready to trumpet spoilers just because whenever they get the chance, the Red Wedding seemed to be one of those instances where the community didn’t want to ruin such a surprise for anyone. Actual feelings and reactions were what I saw nearly everyone, with hardly a mention of detail as to what it all meant. Your deductive reasoning could tell you it was GAME OF THRONES-related, but, as for what specifically it was about, silence for once.

However, now in the aftermath and before we even get to the Season Finale, those who knew what was coming with the Red Wedding have given us a bit of entertainment, setting up cameras all over the place to capture reactions from those of us who went into the episode blind… and it is priceless. Hunched over, heads pressed firmly to my cheeks, mouth dropped open… that’s how I took in that final sequence. But some of those who have been compiled on YouTube are a far livelier bunch when it comes to the emotions that just come pouring out as things get bad very quickly.

Watch and enjoy, because this is what good storytelling should bring about in you when moments like this do happen…

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  1. monsterzero

    Oh you just wait ’til next week. They’re not done with you yet.

  2. GeekGirlinTraining

    Such a GREAT episode, even knowing ahead of time what was coming!

    • monsterzero

      oh yeah. quite graphic. the wife had NO idea that was coming.


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