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Since people really seemed to take to the debut of our first video review for MAN OF STEEL, I figured why not head back in front of the camera in order to compile my thoughts on Guillermo Del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM.

After so many disappointments being shoveled our way over the last couple summer months, it seemed to me that PACIFIC RIM was in prime position to become that big spectacle movie we’ve been craving lately. I mean, it has giant Kaiju… giant mecha… Now just give it something interest as far as story or characters go to be packaged with those elements, and this should be a slam dunk, right…? Right…?

It looks like the Summer of Okay continues with another underwhelming affair, this time one that can’t even count on its visuals to dazzle and amaze enough to overcome the rest of its weak structure. How is that possible? Allow me to lay it all out for you with my video review of PACIFIC RIM. Enjoy.

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You can check out my full written review of PACIFIC RIM here.

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  1. Roper

    I saw it last night and I’d have to completely disagree. I loved this movie, the visuals were top notch, the story was fast paced, the action sequences were tight and entertaining. Did it have flaws? Yes, of course, but what film doesn’t. This movie left me wanting more…in a very good way

  2. Stefan de Solo

    I think you are pretty dead on. However, I don’t think you should be afraid to say that you wished more of the fighting were in the city. Man of Steel and this are both totally different films. Man of Steel is a movie about somebody who we are rooting for to save man kind. On the other hand, people watch Pacific RIm because we want to see shit destroyed! I don’t think anybody really goes into this wanting to see a movie about mankind’s struggle to survive, they go into it understanding that that is just the necessary backdrop to give us a movie about robots and monsters beating the shit out of eachother, and destroying cities in the process. Every kaiju movie has the monsters destroying the city and we stil watch and enjoy the hell out of them, why should this have been any different?

  3. Steve

    You are dead on Billy. I was completely underwhelmed by Pacific Rim. I couldn’t wait to see this, but was very disappointed by the heavy handed ness of the characters, plot, and fight scenes at night and in the rain.

  4. Ken

    Too critical plain and simple, A second review! From a motion graphic artist perspective! Or not a movie nerd….visually blows away anything that came out this summer… You can’t say there wasn’t enough and there was to much in to the same review! lol No rating system? 7/10…..8/10 But a lot of good points on the story, visuals are nothing without a story. Except in most games, animes and…..cough** cough** WWE…..A spectacle of lights and smoke and greased up b rated actors/wrestlers fighting about what the Rock is cooking. LOL

  5. gooched

    So wait, you give characters depth and spend time in making audiences care about something other than mindless action…and it’s called heavy handedness and dull? yet you do the opposite and people call it mindless action with no substance? I think people are more in love with the idea of being critical than it is actually enjoying film itself.

    Seem ever since Billy got shitcanned from AICN he’s tried his hardest to be as contrarian as ever just to make a point.

  6. King Rim Anus

    “in order to build a true geek community” you mean “in order to build a true bitch community”?

  7. Memphis Reigns

    I know you don’t want any rating systems here, but Pacific rim was a total 7.5/10, plain and simple there Kiddo. I know, your probably not too fond of me cause lets face it, im extremely better looking and much more intelligent (Jk of course).
    All bullshit aside, I was dissapointed a great deal with pacific rim, as we’re my casual moviegoing friends. They thought it was boring and slow paced, I thought it was well shot and visually impressive, however, the main character of jacks teller and that girl-that-looks-like-knives was meh at best.
    The battle scenes would have been awesome if it wasn’t for the over use of water, whether it be ocean or rain, I couldn’t fucking wait for a daytime fight that we never got to see.
    There was total potential for something awesome to spring from the depths of pacific rim, too bad it was a little too late. Scoring system or not, I stand by my 7.5/10

  8. megamediacritic

    I too, was really looking forward to this. Grew up loving giant Japanese monsters. But 100% agree about most of the battle scenes. Never knew WTF at all was going on. It’s not enough to be really, really loud – slow down & add some light! The cuts were so fast I nearly had a seizure. Glad I didn’t waste even more money on the 3d IMAX, which I had considered. Movie sux.

  9. mani fold

    Spot on!! All the fights were at night and it you can’t make out what is going on half the time. A complete wasted opportunity! (The few daytime fight shots were amazing!)


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