About 2 weeks ago the lovely folks at Amazon started shipping me some of my preordered PS4 paraphernalia. At first it was just my extra Dualshock 4 controller (which I went ahead and placed in front of my TV and lit candles around in the hope it would make my actual PS4 system arrive early). The candle ceremony proved futile, but a few days later I received my “Hardened Edition” copy of Call Of Duty: Ghosts for the PS4 as well. Going into this past weekend I now had a nice shiny controller and a brand new game but absolutely nothing to use them on. Thoughts went through my mind. Mostly, “Why would Amazon send me these early? Were They trying to just mentally torture me?”. After some deep thought and meditation (the burning candles served nicely in this environment) I realized what it all must mean.

Clearly Amazon had sent me these items early as a reminder that I should get out and enjoy life one last weekend before I and millions of other gamers around the world become reclusive shut-ins for the foreseeable future as we see the release of 2 separate next generation gaming systems over the next 2 weeks. As I was about to set out and enjoy what might be one of my last moments of fresh air for this calendar year,  I realized that my new Dualshock 4 and copy of COD:Ghosts would probably want some fresh air too as they would soon become permanent fixtures in my living room. So with that, the three of us departed for a local park and took in the sights on a beautiful fall day. I took some pictures to document the fun COD: Ghosts and the Dualshock 4 had, We hope you enjoy.

The beginning of our adventure…


..As we headed into the park we made sure to observe the rules of the land…


…Before we knew it, we came upon a small tree with some beautiful fall foliage…. Despite my warnings about their lack of height, both COD:Ghosts and the Dualshock 4 persistently climbed up into the tree and were stuck until I helped them down…..



…The tree incident took a lot out of us and we took a break on a bench near the playgrounds…..


…after that quick recharge we headed into the playground where COD:Ghosts was especially excited to climb up to the slides…..


…Despite COD:Ghost’s clear enthusiasm for the slide, He was no match for the Dualshock 4’s speed…. Though, The Dualshock 4 got a little cocky on the way down and was met with a faceplant on the pavement below….

….The Dualshock 4’s feeling were hurt by the joy COD:Ghosts expressed over its fall…. I thought there would be an issue but all was solved after an elephant ride and some bonding time on the swings….

….As we further trekked through the park we came upon a nicer bench and once again took a rest…. All was going great until COD:Ghosts found an unfinished beer can under the bench and proceeded to make a public fool of himself….

…Shocked and somewhat disappointed in COD:Ghost’s actions, I reminded him he was a military man and should really show some pride in himself and the uniform he wears….After a quick sob and apology, we all thought it best to go pay tribute to those who came before him at the park’s local war memorials….

….After a somber moment where we all reflected the real life horrors of war that influence so many of our beloved games, we decided to lighten it up a bit and go frolic in the leaves….

….After a rousing game of hide and seek and a day of overall bonding, we decided to head home, but not before I was able to snap one last shot of COD:Ghosts sharing his scarf with the Dualshock 4….. It truly was a beautiful moment.


As you can see, COD: Ghosts and the Dualshock 4 had a great time together. If you have a game or controller sitting around waiting for Friday to come, I highly recommend getting out and enjoying the sunlight one last time, I’m sure your accessories will thank you for it.

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Larry Gallagher hails from Jersey City, NJ. He can often be found across the wide expanse of the interwebs writing under his alter ego “The Writing Rambler”. He is a simple man who believes we’d all be better off if we just read more comics and shared a burrito once in a while.