It’s going to be a sad day when I can no longer follow the dealing of Water White with the final eight episodes of BREAKING BAD scheduled to head our way at the end of the summer. AMC’s phenomenal show has had an interesting ride, receiving critical acclaim but only moderate viewership in its early years… until Netflix happened to it, and people had a chance to catch up on all the good word being spread about the show. From there, BREAKING BAD took on a life of its own, and now everyone who is anyone talks about BREAKING BAD with such love in their hearts. (Check your Facebook and Twitter feeds once the new episodes roll around if you don’t believe me… and in the meantime, start plowing through the show’s past to catch up on what you’ve been missing out on).

In any event, I came across this video of the only other person outside of Bryan Cranston who might be able to pull off playing Walter White… and that’s Samuel L. Jackson. In order to bring attention to the Alzheimer’s Association and raise money for the charity, Jackson had hosted a competition in which he would record himself reading a 300-word monologue written by the chosen winner. The competition is since over, but the money continues to roll in for the good cause, and, in order to celebrate the solid amount of donations that have been received recently. Samuel L. Jackson took to the internet to record another monologue for our viewing pleasure… quite a memorable one from Episode 6 of BREAKING BAD’s fourth season.

Here’s the original, for context purposes…

And now that you’ve got that one out of your system, here’s Samuel L. Jackson letting us know that he is the one who knocks…

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  1. Memphis Reigns

    That has to be one of my favorite scenes from the entire series.

  2. David Eagles Jr.

    Samuel L. Jackson…the coolest MuthaFukka in Hollywood.


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